Obsidian ZotLit

ZotLit is a third-party project that aims to facilitate the integration between (opens in a new tab) and Zotero (opens in a new tab), by providing a set of community plugins for both Obsidian and Zotero.

About the Name: The name "ZotLit" is a blend of "Zot" from Zotero and "Lit" from Literature. During its beta testing phase, this plugin was known as the "obsidian-zotero-plugin". The renaming to "ZotLit" was made to give the project a more distinct identity and to avoid potential confusion with official Zotero plugins.



This plugin is still under active development, and the features are subject to change and may not be fully implemented.

  • ⚡️ Performance
    • Read data directly from Zotero database, no need to export data in text-based format
    • Fast fuzzy-search for literatures right within Obsidian
  • 🔓 Full access to Zotero data
    • All data are available in Obsidian, including annotations, notes, tags, and attachments.
    • Not restricted by Zotero API or Better BibTex.
  • 🔨 Highly customizable templates
    • Write your own templates to generate literature note and import annotation in any format you want.
    • Powered by Eta (opens in a new tab), write JavaScript code in your templates to handle complex transformations.
    • View all data about a literature stored in Zotero in a structured way.
  • 🔍 Annotation View
    • View annotations within Obsidian, side-by-side with the literature note.
    • Drag annotation to the literature note to import it.
    • Always up-to-date, auto-sync whenever you changes the annotation in Zotero.
  • 📝 Annotation import
    • Import image and text annotation from Zotero to Obsidian.
    • Keep your annotation up-to-date with Zotero.
  • ✍️ Create literature notes with ease
    • Quick switcher to create literature note and insert citekey from any literatures in your Zotero library.
    • Open literature note in Obsidian from Zotero item page.


The plugins in this project is manitained by third-party developer, who is not affiliated with Obsidian or Zotero. This means that they may be broken at any time due to Zotero and/or Obsidian updates. Although they are not intended to perform any write operations to your Zotero database, there are still risks of data-loss. Therefore, please make proper backup for your data before and when using this plugin, especially when you are using beta version.


Inspired by obsidian-citation (opens in a new tab), BibNotes Formatter (opens in a new tab) and obsidian-zotero-integration (opens in a new tab)

Special thanks to @FeralFlora (opens in a new tab) and @MichaTarlton (opens in a new tab) for writing the tutorial around this project before the documentation is completed.