Getting Started


For all the features to work properly, you should install two plugins:

  1. An Obsidian plugin ZotLit, which enables most of the functions like citation insertion, annotation view, etc.
    • Install Obsidian Plugin: Obsidian Plugin Install Guide
  2. (Optional) A Zotero plugin zotero-obsidian-note, which allow you to open obsidian note linked to a Zotero item and export items to obsidian within Zotero.
    • Install Zotero Plugin: Zotero Plugin Install Guide

In addition, you can also install the following plugins to enhance your experience:

  • Zotero Better BibTex (opens in a new tab)
    • By default, the plugin insert citation with citekey generated by Better BibTex. I haven't tested other solution yet, but you can change the citation format in the plugin settings.
  • Zotfile (opens in a new tab)
    • You can save PDF to Obsidian vault, and the plugin will can generate a in-vault wikilink that you can open with obsidian