v1.1.0 Changelog


In this release we support eta template for note property to support more flexible and powerful customizations. Check out the documentation (opens in a new tab) for more details.

Make sure to check out the documentation (opens in a new tab) for new features and changes.

Breaking Changes





  • add "copy" mode for image import to fix symlink permission issue

in Windows, symlink image to vault is sometime broken due to file system/permission issue, use copy mode on windows by default to solve this

fix #145 (opens in a new tab)

  • fix new eta engine don't replace undefined value with empty string

v1.1.0-beta.5, v1.1.0-beta.6

  • refactor for latest obsidian API and review guidelines
  • rename plugin to zotlit


  • add option to render frontmatter with eta output directly, close #102 (opens in a new tab) add frontmatter option raw: true in zt-field.eta will skip prettify process note: if frontmatter in literature note is updated, the prettify will break the previous formatting regardless of raw: true
  • update UI text to follow obsidian guideline




v1.1.0-beta.11 - beta.13

BRAKING CHANGES: citation templates are now ejectable zt-cite and zt-cite2 templates that could recieve multiple literatures, please migrate your previous citation templates to the new ones.

These version brings support for note import from Zotero.

You can import notes from Zotero using Import note command, or access Zotero notes from it.notes in template. (document about the new note import feature is still working in progress.)

  • colored highlights can be customized in zt-colored template
    • background color and text color can be accessed using it.bgColor and it.color, each of which comes with a colorName property (it.bgColorName and it.colorName) for human-readable color name
  • citations are imported using zt-cite template
  • annotations are imported using zt-annot template
    • check if annotation is used in Zotero note import by checking if it.ztnote exists
    • if you edit annotation comment in Zotero note, you can access them using it.ztnote.comment (raw html output) or it.ztnote.commentMd (markdown output)
    • if you have some annotation that is referenced in a paragraph instead of a standalone block, you can handle those inline highlights by checkin it.ztnote.inline

Other changes:

  • fix \n in template get replaced unexpectedly, for example, in regex expression
  • support underline annotation in Zotero 7