Getting Started
Zotero Plugin

Zotero Plugin Setup

Latest Version:1.0.1
Support:Zotero 6Zotero 7



Download zotero-obsidian-note-*.xpi from GitHub Release: Latest Release

If you are using Firefox, you should right click the link and choose Save Link As...


you can also go to GitHub Release (opens in a new tab) page and download the latest release with tag latest zotero plugin version manually.

Open Add-on Manager

In the main menu, go to Tools > Add-ons to open the Add-on Manager.

Install the extension from file

  1. Click on the gear ⚙ in the top-right corner and choose Install Add-on From File...
  2. Choose .xpi that you've just downloaded, click Install

You can also drag the .xpi file into the Add-on Manager to install it.

Restart Zotero

After the initial installation, the plugin will auto-update to newer releases, so you should need to perform the process described here only once. If automatic update is not working, you can try to reinstall the plugin following the steps above.