Getting Started
Inserting Citations

Inserting Citation

Using obsidian-zotero plugin, you can easily insert citations in your notes, using command or editor suggest.

Editor Suggest

Trigger citations suggest

Enter [@ in your note, and you will see a list of citations to choose from.

Search for citation

You can search for citation by continuing to type your query.

Currently you can search by title, author, and year.

Insert citation

Select the literature you want to insert, and press Enter to insert its citation. By default, it will insert the citation in the Pandoc favor of citation (opens in a new tab) ([@citationkey]).

You can insert alternative citation format by leaving a / after the query before pressing Enter. For example, [@citationkey/] will insert the citation in alternative format.

Citation format can be configured in the plugin settings. Check out the previous section for more details.


You can also insert citation using Zotero Plugin: Insert Markdown Citation command. The steps are similar to the editor suggest, except that you can use shift+Enter to insert the citation in alternative format.

By default, no keybinding is assigned to this command.